Kicks Craft - Dyeing Poison Frog Custom x Puma Wilderness Pack

For my 2nd overall custom I chose a very underrated silhouette by Puma the "Blaze of Glory"

Like with almost every custom I made until this day, the idea I had in mind when starting the project was very different from the outcome (or at least the way I took to get to the final result).
This time the inspiration was a very deadly frog that combination of bright greens and blue's are put to the show by its deep deep black skin on most parts of its body. 

First but certainly not the last time I used Angelus Paints for the complete project.

This is how the base shoe looked like:

After several hours of painting - I painted everything with brushes because I had no airbrush at that time - this is what the finished product looked like:

If you like what you see leave a comment !


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