Kicks Craft - Bubble Flower Custom

This was my very first custom overall. The story behind the shoe can quickly be told...

I was fascinated by some customs that I saw surfing the Internet so my desire to get one was growing on a daily basis.
Finally I decided to get in contact with a fairly well known customizer over seas (I won't mention him by name cause that's just not my style). The transaction of defining what I was looking for, transactional details and the payment was actually pretty smooth.
So approx. 1 month later I finally received the package with my custom in it.
You can probably guess what's coming next.
Yes, you're right. The execution on the custom was really really poor. First of all it was not painted but the customizer used some fabric and glued it on the original fabric. That itself was not the worst. But due to the Acetone used when preparing the base shoe for customizing it the glue was not sticking sufficiently on several parts of the shoe. As a result the fabric came off even without wearing the sneaker.
That was the point when I realized that I can do better than that and decided to do my own first custom also on a Nike Roshe Run.
I also used a fabric but only glued it to the shoe on a few small areas. In order to assure that the fabric will last even if worn heavily, I sewed by hand.

This was the starting point - The base shoe a regular Nike Roshe Run Black/White.
For the preparations not much more is needed but some masking tape, glue, a needle and your fabric.
Also used Angelus Acrylic Paints for the outsole, although I already knew that this will not last forever but eventually will come of again.

Before sewing....

After sewing - Next up Paint!

Finished product !

This was the beginning ... of many more to come.

This Custom was featured by the internationally know Sneaker online magazine Sneakerwatch:


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